3 days in Cairo

1 day ago

Check out the best way to spend 3 days in Cairo. This article gathers all the places and activities you can do. Read now!


Some destinations oblige you to wear a mask. If so, your tour guide will let you know before.  

Will I be able to find a place to quarantine if I am positive? What will happen to my travel partners?  

Yes, hotels and hospitals are available for quarantining. The rest of the travelers may stay in a hotel or depart as they please.

Egypt is definitely a fantastic destination for a family vacation. It provides several museums where visitors can observe ancient Egyptian artefacts and various other items that depict the rich history of Egypt. Ancient burial sites, temples, and pyramids are easily accessible and suitable for visitors of all ages. For those seeking relaxation, Egypt also boasts numerous beaches, perfect for winding down after a memorable Egypt Trip Package.