Standing guard over the Giza Plateau for thousands of years, the Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most iconic monuments of ancient Egypt. This colossal limestone statue, with the body of a lion and the head of a human, is shrouded in mystery, captivating the imagination of scholars and travelers to know the story behind the Sphinx.

When was The Sphinx built?

Built during the ruling of Pharaoh Khafre in the 26th century BCE, the Sphinx was carved from a single limestone outcrop, likely as a representation of the king himself. Its construction, employing sophisticated tools and engineering techniques of the time, remains a big mystery yet interest to the craftsmanship of ancient Egyptian artisans and people themselves. The Sphinx originally boasted a smooth, polished surface, adorned with intricate detailing and painted features, representing the grandeur of the Old Kingdom.

However, the passage of all those years since the construction of it has not been kind to the Sphinx. Over time, it has weathered natural wearing away and human-induced damage, including the loss of its nose, which has become one of its most life long mysteries. While legends and theories abound regarding the missing nose, ranging from destruction by Napoleon's troops versus the Arab armies, the true cause remains unknown, adding to the Sphinx's more legacy and attraction.


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Beyond its physical presence, the Great Sphinx holds profound symbolic significance in ancient Egyptian mythology and culture. As a hybrid creature, combining the regal authority of a lion with the wisdom and intellect of a human, it represents the duality of nature and the divine in Egyptian cosmology. The Sphinx also serves as a guardian figure, believed to protect the sacred necropolis of Giza and its royal inhabitants forever.

Visitors to the Giza Plateau today have the opportunity to see The Sphinx up close and explore its surrounding complex. Tourists can walk along the dusty paths of the plateau, taking a full panoramamic view of the pyramids and the Sphinx against the backdrop of the desert horizon. Guided tours offer insights into the history, mythology, and ongoing conservation efforts surrounding this ancient marvel, providing a deeper understanding of its cultural significance.

For those seeking a more exciting experience, the Giza Plateau offers opportunities for camel rides, allowing visitors to traverse the desert sands like ancient travelers. Additionally, you can take multiple photos with the Sphinx and there are people there who can help you take pictures that holds light sense of humor and an amazing memory to check it out years later, a good example is taking a picture kissing the Sphinx, all you need is a good camera and a good angel. 

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