Best Nile Cruises In Egypt Guide

Finding the appropriate Nile River cruise for your vacation in Egypt is one incredible way to spice up your visit. Nile River cruises are one of the incredible means to sail down into history—while experiencing the magic of ancient times. By traveling through different itineraries, and visiting different ancient wonders, sites, and monuments, you get to immerse yourself in the world thousands of years ago.


But how do you know the best Nile River cruise you should pick? Well, not to worry, that’s what this article is about. We’ve provided you with the coolest cruises along this famous river. So get ready to discover the wonders of ancient Egypt through these Nile River cruises.

Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise

This is one of the best Nile River cruises you should consider using while on vacation in Egypt. When looking for contemporary elegance mixed with comfort and pleasure, you should choose the Oberoi Philae Nile Cruise. It has spacious suites beautifully adorned with panoramic window framing.

One major distinctive feature that sets this cruise apart from the rest is its tailored service delivery. They are committed to providing personalized services to their customers. The onboard staff anticipates and fulfills every customer’s desire.


In addition, their facilities are top-notch—all geared toward providing maximum comfort. But that’s not all; they’ve got experts in Egyptology who would guide you throughout your tour. After all, we all need help at some point in time.

Sanctuary Sun Boat IV

If you are seeking to step into the realm of timeless elegance, you should consider Sanctuary Sun Boat IV. This floating masterpiece is a combination of modern comfort with a touch of ancient Egypt. They have got well-built, well-spaced, and modern cabins for your luxury as you cruise the Nile River.

The unique signature of Sanctuary Sun Boat IV is the fact that it has an exceptional commitment to ensuring customers have an immersive cultural experience. They’ve also got some of the renowned Egyptologists who are stationed to unravel the mysteries surrounding every artifact.


Aside from the exceptional customer service delivery, you’ll get amazing meals, sports, and all the necessary services that would make your trip memorable.  

Sonesta St. George I

This is another incredible Nile cruise in Egypt you should check out. Sonesta St. George I combines the rich tapestry of Egypt’s history along with sophistication. By sophistication, we mean that the boat has a collection of modern amenities that gives guest that thrilling and relaxing experience.

Sonesta St. George I offers the best itinerary, which includes cruises to some of the iconic towns and sites. You’ll get to explore places like Aswan and Luxor; home to some of the best attractions in Egypt. 


Just like some of the best Nile cruises in Egypt, this cruise is dedicated to offering personalized services. Every staff that attends to you ensures that you enjoy personalized service, which of course is tailored to your needs.  

Dahabiya Dream

This incredible Nile cruise is no different from the previous ones explained in this article. Its unique features are very remarkable. First, the present-day cabin style provides that beauty and sophistication that leaves visitors feeling at home. The carbines are spacious and fully stocked with the necessary amenities. Second, the cruise has on standby, very qualified Egyptologists who are there to provide guests the necessary insights into places and sites they are visiting.


Finally, Dahabiya Dream has carefully curated its itineraries to allow travelers the opportunity to explore not only iconic landmarks but also to witness the daily life along the River Nile. And not to forget, they also go to lesser-known places, for those yearning to explore the not-so-popular places.

Movenpick MS Royal Lily

If you are seeking a Nile River cruise that offers a blend of royal treatment, availability of modern facilities, and exceptional service delivery, then you should consider Movenpick MS Royal Lily. This cabin boasts lavish amenities, well-constructed cabins that have panoramic views, and appetizing dining options where you get to experience different Egyptian dishes.


As you explore famous sites such as the Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, and other iconic sites, you will be assigned tour guides during your excursions. The goal is to ensure you have a sumptuous, memorable, and comfortable journey. Here, at DC Travels, we ensure you make the right decision when picking Nile Cruises for your tour.

Alexander the Great Nile Cruise

If you are seeking to experience expert-guided tours that give you insights into Egypt’s ancient wonders, then consider using the Alexander the Great Nile Cruise. You will get to visit the monumental temples of Luxor, the treasures in Aswan, and many more sites to explore.

That’s not all. This cruise combines luxury with the exploration of ancient Egyptian history. Speaking of luxury, they offer magnificent accommodations with incredible onboard amenities, and services that are personalized to meet individual needs. So, as you prepare to cruise the Nile, do some comparative analysis of all the cruises from our list of best Nile cruises in Egypt, and ensure you pick the one that suits your budget, itinerary, and needs.




In this article, we have seen that finding the best Nile River cruise for your trip can be an incredible way to have a memorable trip in Egypt. This is why we have provided you with a list of the best Nile cruises to choose from. This list is curated specifically for you, to help you make the right choice. That’s our job here at DC Travels. We ensure you have a seamless, memorable, and budget-friendly trip to Egypt. Get yourself ready as you explore the wonders of Egypt.

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