Best Food You Must Try While You Are In Egypt

Egypt is not only known for its incredible site attractions, and home for ancient artifacts, but it is also a home for diverse culinary offerings. Your visit to Egypt is not complete without having a taste of its diverse dishes. The amazing thing about Egyptian dishes is that every dish tells a tale of tradition and taste. As you plan your journey to Egypt, get ready to explore some of the incredible foods as you make preparations for dishes you must try.

In this article, we have provided you with a list of the best food you must try while you are in Egypt. This list is not exhaustive, though. We’ve handpicked the best of the best dishes that would tantalize your taste buds, and leave you craving for more.



This is often referred to by many as Egypt’s national food. This gastronomic dish comes with enticing taste buds in different textures and rich flavors. This dish is comprised of a vegetarian marvel of layers of rice, lentils, and macaroni, crowned with a zesty tomato sauce and crispy fried onions. This combination creates that symphony of taste where the nutty lentils complement the starchy rice and pasta. Think about the spicy tomato sauce and fried onions, each providing a satisfying experience. Sounds great, right? Yes, it is. The perfect combination of this delicacy would leave you craving for more. Or at least, you’d wish to have a second time experience. This dish isn’t just popular for being delicious, but also an embodiment of the Egyptian food identity. So, if you have to have an authentic taste of Egypt, try this meal out.

Ful Medames


This is an Egyptian breakfast dish you should try out. Early in the morning, begin your day in the Egyptian way by savoring this amazing breakfast. The composition of this meal is quite incredible. This hearty breakfast dish is comprised of fava beans cooked to perfection, and seasoned with garlic, olive oil, and several other spices. It is usually served with bread. This meal does not only thrive for its amazing taste but the cultural importance it plays. This meal represents unity, where families sit around the breakfast table to dine together, thereby fostering a sense of community. You should try this meal and see for yourself.

Egyptian Sharwama



Sharwama has been a very popular delicacy in most of the African countries including Nigeria, Togo, and Ghana. What most people don’t understand is that this delicacy is equally embraced and enjoyed in Egypt. It’s a street food in Egypt. While it might not be native to Egypt, the locals have embraced it wholeheartedly. So, the taste may differ from the one in your country, which is the more reason you should try out the Egyptian Shawarma. This incredible dish is comprised of thinly sliced meat (usually chicken or beef), and flatbread, and is beautified with fresh vegetables and creamy tahini sauce. Well, words can’t fully do justice to this dish. You should try it out and see the difference with the one in your home country.



This Egyptian delicacy is typically a green soup full of flavor, made from the leaves of the jute plant. There’s also an infusion of garlic and coriander, which makes it a vibrant dish in vitamins and minerals. The soup is usually served alongside rice or bread. Taking a deeper look at this incredible meal, you will observe that the ingredients are all plant-based. This in a way tells you how diverse Egyptian culinary is. This is more than a meal; this is a cultural emblem and an embodiment of Egypt’s consciousness of health. Have you ticked this yet, or are you still thinking about it?



This is another incredible Egyptian dish you should consider trying while you are in Egypt. This traditional dish is savored during the spring festival of Sham El Nessim. By the way, the Sham El Nessim festival is usually celebrated to mark the arrival of spring, usually a day after the Coptic Christian Easter. Now, back to the dish. This food is comprised of fermented and salted mullet fish, served with bread and green onions. You’ll be thrilled by the intense flavor this meal gives as a result of the fermentation process. Though this meal may not be for everyone, you should consider trying it out for you will have the opportunity to experience Egypt’s historic dish, and reflect the seasonal celebration of abundance.



Most Egyptian tour experts are of the opinion that no culinary journey in Egypt is complete without indulging in a sweet treat—usually, Basbousa. If you are a lover of cakes, then this should thrill you the more. This traditional Egyptian cake is prepared using semolina which is soaked in sugar syrup. A rose or orange blossom water is added to it as a flavoring agent. In the cake, you will experience a moisturizing feel; that “melt-in-your-mouth” kind of texture. The basbousa gives you an opportunity to experience Egypt’s mastery of creating irresistible desserts. You should try this out. Really, you should!


Mahshi is a traditional Egyptian cuisine that allows you to experience a symphony of flavors through stuffed vegetables. When we say Egypt is blessed with incredibly diverse delicacies, this is one of them. How’s this meal made? It’s simple. Vegetables like grape leaves, zucchini, or bell peppers are stuffed with a mixture of rice, herbs, and sometimes minced meat. They are then cooked to perfection, creating a dish that gives you both amazing taste, flavor, and comfort. This meal can be served with a spoonful of yogurt or a sprinkle of tahini.



We have seen that Egypt is not only known for its incredible site attractions, and home for ancient artifacts, it is also a home for diverse culinary offerings. Finding the best food you should try while in Egypt can be a daunting task; especially if this is your first time being in Egypt.


Sometimes, you have to consider your health, taste, and faith when picking a meal. For instance, not everyone is comfortable taking shisha for faith reasons. This is why we’ve prepared this list of must-try dishes while in Egypt. These dishes are carefully curated for you to pick from. You can try them all or choose from the list. Your call! Rest assured, these meals will leave you thrilled.

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